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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hudson's 2nd Birthday!

Hudson LOVES all things that go (I'm sure like every boy). But he holds a special place in his heart for tractors! In celebration of our favorite little man we had a tractor party. I really never thought I would get excited about John Deere, but it was actually a fun party to plan and an even more fun party to attend. Hudson and Avery Reese had a blast. The weather was perfect for an outside party complete with pony rides, a duck pond and hay bales. Hudson is blessed with wonderful grandparents and aunts/uncles who all made a special effort to attend his party. The party was perfect!

Happy Birthday Hudson Parker!!

 Grandma and Grandpa got him "Dusty" the horse; that smile says it all!

 John Deere tractor cupcakes

 The food table was complete with hay bales (rice krispies), pig pen (pigs in a blanket), tractor wheels (oreos), chicken feed (trail mix) and cow patties (meatballs) to name a few

Hay bale horse photo booth was a favorite with kids and adults

 Playing in the duck pond

 Pinata fun!

 Pony races


The backyard looked so cute! Stick pony rides, 4-Legged Tattoos, Hay bale photos, Duck pond, farm themed coloring pages and Barnyard toss. The kids had so much fun!

Brad and I bought Hudson a Lightening McQueen 4-wheeler (he needs some practice steering) 

We Love You Hudson!!

1 comment:

Delta Bost said...

Love the theme! The pics are too cute!! Lets get our families together soon! :)