Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School Party

Last year I made a special "Back to School" dinner for Avery and Hudson and they loved it, so this year I decided to invite a couple of their friends and make it a party!

The table decor 

Everyone received a chalkboard that also served as place settings

Dr. Suess books adorned the table with "You're a Smartie" smarties candies

"Book Worm" gummy worms were a hit with the kids!

Aren't apples and globes synonymous with school?

2015-2016 School Year!!

Even the adults got in on the photo booth fun 

All the kids!

The kids enjoyed making their own pizza's for dinner

An attempt at a group photo.....

This was a little better

The girls!

We had a great time celebrating back to school! We might just have to make this a yearly tradition. It's going to be a great year!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

First Day of School 2015

At the Miles house, we had a wonderful summer!  Lazy mornings that lead to lazy days and lazier evenings. We traveled, we swam, we laughed, and we had a lot of fun.  No one was quite ready for early mornings, packing lunches, ditching the swimsuits for uniforms, and of course homework. BUT Avery was ready to see her friends everyday and Hudson was ready to start big boy school and make new friends. (And we really didn't have a choice; we had to go back to school).

How is she a First Grader????

I love these silly kids!

I can't believe Hudson is in K3!

Walking into school together. The first of many mornings. 

Hudson with his K3 teacher Mrs. Wingfield

Avery with her first grade teacher Mrs. Otis

We are all very excited about this school year. The kids are loving their teachers and they are already building new friendships. The theme for the kids school this year is GROW.......

"And Jesus grew and became strong, increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him". Luke 2:40

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Feeling Discouraged

An adoption update:

The past couple of weeks Brad and I have had some delays arise with our dossier for China. I have taken those setbacks very personally, since I have been handling most of the paperwork. My goal was to be finished with ALL paperwork before school began.....that's not happening. And just when I think we have resolved all issues, something else sets us back again!

I am feeling very frustrated and discouraged lately. I have shed many tears and have prayed for peace and understanding.

This morning Brad brought to my attention one more setback and the tears just poured out; I couldn't control them. So I parked my car and prayed once more! I needed to compose myself before walking into work so I sat in my car for a moment and turned up the radio and do you know what happened? My adoption song 'Oceans' by Hillsong United began to play on the radio!!! And I suddenly had peace. I know this adoption journey is all God's timing, I know He is with me and guiding us on this journey and I just have to continue to trust in Him.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beach Vacay 2015

We finally decided to buck up and take the kids on a road trip to the beach! Brad and I have wanted to take Avery Reese and Hudson to the beach for a couple of years now, but honestly the drive itself has stopped us. Our kids just are not the best travelers; they don't sleep in the car and they get restless very quickly. But Brad and I were REALLY ready for some beach time and some friends invited us to go with them to Seagrove, FL and we just couldn't pass it up.

Over 12 hours in the car and we made it safely and we were still quite sane (surprisingly).  Avery Reese and Hudson absolutely loved the beach! Avery rode the waves on a boogie board non-stop and Hudson loved digging in the sand. It was such a wonderful family vacation.

Avery Reese and Hudson

The Kids!

The Miles Family

Hope to see you again next year, Florida!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Avery's Baptism!

God is so good!  He has really been working on our little family this year. I'm not sure if I have shared this before, but Avery was the one who first prayed for a sister (with a different skin color) in our home. God used her to encourage us to adopt a daughter from China and she has been one of our biggest supporters on this journey.

God has really worked in Avery's heart the past year. She has a huge heart for others! And loves God with all that she is. About 3 months ago she prayed alone in her room for God to live in her heart and be her Savior. Brad and I were so proud (even though this had nothing to do with us and all with God). Early in May she came to us asking to be baptized. We were shocked! Not because she doesn't love Jesus, but because she is so young. But we meet with the Children's Pastor at Fellowship and he said despite her young age, she was ready.

So this morning we are proud to announce that our sweet daughter Avery Reese was baptized into Christ's family!!!

She had a wonderful turnout of family, friends, and teachers supporting her.

Papa & Mimi

Mrs. Neff & Mrs. Hart 
(Avery's kindergarten teachers)


(photo bomb courtesy of Hudson)

(Avery's best friend)

Jack & Cooper Jordan

(Avery's classmate)

Brad speaking about Avery and her decision to accept Christ

Washed Clean!!!

So proud of these two!

Mrs. Williams
(Avery's Pre-K teacher)

All of the people that showed up have been a wonderful influence on Avery's life and helped her to this wonderful place. Thank you all for loving on our sweet girl, for showing her God's love daily and for supporting her today.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May Adoption Update

When I first began this blog about 5 years ago, I wanted a catchy name for our blog. I wanted something meaningful and a name that represented our family. So I decided upon a play on our last name and a word that defines our lives....Love. So that is how I came up with "Love for Miles" our blog name. But the other day I was thinking about our adoption and how God is taking us on this incredible journey around the world in order to complete our family; miles and miles away from Arkansas and from our comfort zone. And that got me thinking about our blog name and that we are literally "Love for Miles". God has such a funny sense of humor and insight into our future!

We have recently received some great news on the adoption! We have been approved by Homeland Security to bring a Chinese daughter into the country! We were initially told this would be a 3-6 month process. Just like everything else on this journey so far, things have happened much quicker. It took maybe 2 months! This is one more item to check off our Dossier to China checklist.

Our other exciting news.....we have been approved for a $3000 matching grant from our church Fellowship Bible Church as well as LifeSong for Orphans! So what does this mean? It means we are asking you, our friends and family to help us reach our goal. They will match donations made on our behalf up to $3000 for a total of $6000 towards our adoption costs. Our goal to raise this money is June 30th. So we are asking you to pray for us as we continue to work to bring our daughter home and pray that we can raise this money.  We are also asking you to please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us meet this matching grant and cover the remaining $25,000 adoption expenses to bring our daughter home.

I have added a PayPal button to our blog just for donation purposes. Thank you for joining us and your continued support on our journey!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adoption Thoughts

Brad and I are still pushing on with the adoption paperwork for our Dossier. As we are completing our adoption classes, we are learning a lot about the Chinese culture as well as what to expect once we meet our daughter and bring her home. The more we push forward, the more real our journey becomes. There are many days when I'm frightened about the road ahead and what the future holds for us. Adding a new child to your family is scary and exciting any way you go about it, but I believe international adoption brings different challenges. She will be accustomed to hearing Mandarin nursery rhymes rather than English ones, she will be accustomed to seeing Chinese eyes looking back at her rather than mine, she will be accustomed to Chinese cuisine rather than macaroni and cheese. As silly as it may seem, these are just a few of the things that frighten me.

But....God is my God and he is her God! I know that we have His unending love in common and that alone is enough to bring us together as a family. As frightened as I am at times, I know that God put us on this journey for a reason. So faith will keep me going, despite my (silly) fears.